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Landlord tenant law involves negotiating and drafting lease agreements, representing landlords or tenants in court proceedings, and addressing tenant disputes. It is important to have a qualified attorney to ensure that all legal procedures are followed and that your rights are protected.

Unlawful Detainer or Eviction

This type of case involves a landlord attempting to evict a tenant who has failed to comply with the terms of the rental agreement. The landlord must provide notice of the eviction and have a court order to proceed with the eviction.

Rent Dispute

Rent Disputes involve disagreements between a landlord and tenant over the amount of rent due. These disputes often involve the tenant claiming that the rent was too high or that the landlord failed to provide certain amenities or services that were promised in the rental agreement.

Breach of Contract

Breach of Contract cases involve a landlord or tenant failing to live up to the terms of the rental agreement. These cases often involve issues such as failure to pay rent, subletting without permission, or damage to the property.


Habitability cases involve a landlord failing to maintain a rental property in a habitable condition. These cases often involve issues such as a lack of hot water, inadequate ventilation, or rodent infestations. 

Security Deposit Disputes

Security Deposit Disputes involve disagreements over the return of a security deposit paid by a tenant at the start of a rental agreement. These cases often involve the tenant claiming that the landlord failed to return all or part of the security deposit and the landlord claiming that the tenant caused damage to the property. 


Discrimination cases involve a landlord discriminating against a tenant based on their race, gender, religion, nationality, or other protected class. Discrimination cases can also involve a landlord unfairly refusing to rent to certain individuals.


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