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Business law is the body of laws that govern business and commercial transactions. It covers a wide range of issues including contract law, corporate law, intellectual property law, antitrust law, and tax law. Someone would need a lawyer for business related matters when a dispute arises that requires legal advice or when a business is considering a major transaction, such as an acquisition or merger. A lawyer can help a business navigate the legal and regulatory framework of the transaction and ensure that all parties involved are treated fairly. In addition, a lawyer can provide advice on the best methods for structuring the transaction, as well as advise on potential risks associated with it.

Contract Disputes

These cases involve disagreements between two or more parties over the terms of a contract. Examples of common contract disputes include breach of contract, fraud, misrepresentation, and breach of warranty. 

Mergers and Acquisitions

These cases involve disagreements between two or more companies involved in a merger or acquisition. Examples of common issues include valuation disputes, breach of fiduciary duty, and misrepresentation. 

Business Torts

These cases involve wrongful acts committed by a business against another business or individual, such as libel, slander, malicious prosecution, and interference with contractual relations. 

Employment Disputes

These cases involve disputes between employers and employees, such as wrongful termination, discrimination, and sexual harassment. 

Intellectual Property

These cases involve an individual or company claiming that their intellectual property, such as a patent, trademark, or copyright, has been infringed upon.

Corporate Governance

These cases involve disagreements between two or more shareholders, board members, or officers over the management of a corporation. 


We understand that legal services can be expensive and that not everyone can pay for them upfront. That's why we offer retainer financing and payment plans to make sure that everyone can access quality legal representation. Whether you need to spread out payments over the course of a few months or you need a retainer to get the ball rolling, we can help you find a solution.

If you are seeking legal assistance, don't hesitate to book a free consultation with our firm. We are here to help you through whatever legal matters you may be facing. 

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